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Here's a list of independent consultants, focused on supporting the buying process. They do not have property for sale, and no financial or other ties with estate agents. This allows them to give objective advice. In contrast with French 'agents immobiliers" - or brokers who collaborate closely with estate agents - and take commission from the vendors.
The companies below have no such mxed interests. They don't work for 'free' but require a fair fee for their services. The editorial team of 'Buy Property from the Owner in France’ pays particular attention to the quality and independence of the participants on this site. So that you as a property buyer can be assured of the very best service.


French Property Surveyors

Scouting and reporting for assurance on the quality of the selected houses. Dutch-English couple and Nikki and Wouter Haaijman encountered so many problems with the purchase of their French house, and heard so many horror stories of foreigners who had the same experience, she decided to focus on CPA. CPA is doing research for buyers of property in France. It works like this: if you have found some interesting properties on the internet, you can hire a consultant from CPA to scout these houses on the spot. The consultant who goes further than you would, has a checklist with 80 questions to put to the owner or agent. He takes pictures on the spot and prepares a file on all possible aspects of the house. So, CPA can immediately eliminate a certain number of houses for you. For houses that do meet your predetermined requirements, you can go into the negotiations, very well informed, with the CPA report in hand. CPA’s service is not cheap but is very thorough and their reports will save you a lot of travel, time and accomodation. And when you consider what it might cost you if you discover after buying the house that it is not as ideal as you were led to believe ... Then the CPA fee still a good investment.

Compromise de Vente

A consultant who ensures that the purchase contract doesn't contain any anomalies, Wim van Teefelen specializes in real estate transactions. He also gives advise - on behalf of buyer or seller - regardless of the outcome of a transaction. Teefelen works from the Netherlands, and - as the name of his site suggests - specializes in monitoring and evaluation of the sale agreement.

30 A Vendre

A Dutch estate agent in France, who only works for buyers. This is the company of Mikel de Rooij, who offers two services: purchase counceling and construction supervision. Remarkably, this estate agent with an official ‘Carte Professonelle’, still takes no houses in his portfolio. He advises, as he writes on his website: "Only the buyer." A lot of so-called 'independant property consultants' can't say the same. For purchase counseling Mikel works throughout France. For construction supervision he works in and around the Gard (30). Note: the site is in Dutch, but Mikel also helps English clients.


Direct support with interpretation and translation services for dealing with foreign vendors. For 15 euros per fifteen minutes, Immolangue supports the communication between home buyers and Dutch/French individuals and officials. Useful for people who want to buy or sell a house in France but get stuck in the correspondence with the foreign owner or agent.


Are you an independent consultant or service provider to people who want to buy a home or have purchased and do you want to contribute to this site? Please contact us at info [at sign] Of course you have to replace [at sign] with @.


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